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We created Eldridge Capital when we kept hearing too often from  business owners how difficult it was for them to access financing to grow their business.

Conventional financial institutions can't (or won’t) provide the necessary funding. There is always an excuse: "Your business is too small", "You don't have a long enough track record", "You don’t have enough equity or assets to lend against", "Your industry has been red-flagged as too high risk", "You have too much debt already", "You’re growing too quickly"…

We believe that there is a better way so we created Eldridge Capital to work with small and medium sized businesses.

Eldridge Capital specializes in accounts receivable financing, traditional factoring, purchase order financing and personal asset collateral loans.

We understand the specific needs of small businesses and we have the experience necessary (and equally importantly the passion and desire) to meet those financing needs. We try to think like a small business.

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