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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to process my loan request?

Client service is a key competitive advantage for Eldridge Capital. We commit to never being the bottleneck in approving and funding your loan. As long as you provide us with all the necessary documentation quickly, we can approve and fund a loan within days or even hours.

What are Eldridge Capital’s minimum and maximum loan sizes?

Our minimum facility size is $150,000. However, this does not mean that you need to borrow the full amount at any one time. We would make the full amount available to you over the course of a year but you would be able to draw down on it as needed, and of course, you only pay interest on the amount used, not the total facility amount.  At this time, we are not able to fund one-off purchase orders or accounts receivables that are less than $50,000, unless they are part of a larger facility. While we do not have a maximum facility size, we typically would not fund greater than $2,000,000 for any one company at any given time.

Will Eldridge Capital fund companies outside of Canada?

Yes. Eldridge Capital is able to fund companies in the United States as well as Canada, or companies that have purchase orders or accounts receivables with suppliers or customers in the United States or Canada.

Can Eldridge Capital still provide financing if I have an existing bank facility?

Yes. Eldridge Capital will work with and complement your existing lender to make sure you have the ability to fund those one-off, large purchase orders or current accounts receivables that your bank won’t finance.

What is the benefit of working with Eldridge Capital?

Eldridge Capital acts as a true financial partner to its clients. By removing the stress of having to worry about how you are going to finance a purchase order when it comes or unlocking value from your accounts receivables, you are able operate your business. Eldridge Capital deals with your financing needs, you focus on growing your business.

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